4 Apps to Help Take Better Care of Yourself

  • 15-04-2021 |
  • Nolan Gallagher

These apps provide easy-to-understand information, step-by-step instructions, and motivational support to help you plan, prepare, and stick to healthier habits. Try them out today.


The Fitbit app tracks your activity level, calories burned, distance traveled, and the time spent doing various activities. It also tells you how many steps you’ve taken, which can be a great motivator.


This app helps you track the calories you consume and the calories you burn. It also provides a food database and a barcode scanner, and it connects with over 50 fitness devices.

You also can track your weight and body measurements, and view your progress over time. You can use this app with a Fitbit or Jawbone activity tracker.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

This app helps you make healthy eating decisions by showing you how many calories are in various foods. It also provides a variety of tools, including a calculator to help you determine how much you should eat each day, and a tracker that keeps track of your daily food intake.

Lose It!

This app helps you set a weight-loss goal and track your progress. It provides an easy-to-use food diary, a barcode scanner, and a calorie counter. It also connects with many fitness devices, so you can track your activity level and the amount of calories you burn.

Your Strategy to Care of Yourself

Your doctor has information about which weight-loss strategies work best for overweight or obese patients. If you’re concerned about your weight, make an appointment with your doctor, who can talk with you about your options.

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, your doctor can help you decide whether surgery is the best option for you.

If you’re considering bariatric surgery, your doctor can help you decide whether surgery is the best option for you.