Starry-Eyed Adventures: The Top 10 Space Exploration Video Games

  • 08-10-2023 |
  • Nolan Gallagher

There is an immense sense of wonderment associated with space, the final frontier. Video games that focus on space exploration cleverly tap into this fascination, offering users the experience of venturing into the vast cosmos, interacting with alien species, building intergalactic civilizations, and unraveling cosmic mysteries. Let's buckle up and set a course for the far reaches of our virtual universe in our list of the best space exploration video games.

No Man's Sky: Limitless Exploration

'No Man's Sky' provides a truly jaw-dropping sense of scale and limitless exploration. The game offers a procedurally generated universe with quintillions of planets, each with its own unique ecosystem. From lush green planets to stark, barren moons and everything in between, the exploration is endless. The recent updates and multiplayer capabilities only add layers to what is already a deeply immersive universe.

Kerbal Space Program: A Lesson in Astrophysics

'Kerbal Space Program' combines fun and actual science, providing a deeply rewarding gameplay experience. Players are thrust into the role of a space program director, designing and building spacecraft, managing crews, and conducting missions throughout the Kerbal Solar System. A good grasp of real-world physics becomes essential to thrive; the game manages to make learning these complex systems enjoyable.

Kerbal Space Program game

Elite Dangerous: A Living Galaxy

'Elite Dangerous' offers one of the most realistic and vast space sims out there. The game features a 1:1 scale Milky Way galaxy, based on actual astronomical data, open for exploration. Players can engage in different roles, including trading, piracy, bounty hunting, and mining, while piloting a variety of spaceships. Persistent multiplayer and solo modes augment immersion, making it a living, breathing galaxy.

Starbound: Pixelated Crafts in Cosmos

Starbound offers limitless exploration in a 2D pixel-art universe. It blends elements of survival, crafting, and procedurally generated environments beautifully. Players journey across an infinite universe full of planets, each with unique flora, fauna, and resources. The addition of a storyline and several side quests make the game engaging whilst still offering the appeal of sandbox freedom.

Mass Effect Trilogy: The Grand Space Opera

'Mass Effect Trilogy' offers some of the most narrative-rich experiences in space exploration games. It blends third-person shooter mechanics with a decision-based narrative, throwing players into a sprawling space opera. The series takes players across numerous planets, space stations, and galaxies and makes them feel familiar, lived-in spaces. The games expertly tackle themes of survival, identity, and evolution amid their grand space exploration narrative.

Mass Effect Trilogy Game

EVE Online: In The Depths of Space Politics

'EVE Online' features one of the most complex and expansive MMO experiences. Players can explore an ever-changing universe, engage in various professions, join corporations, and participate in a robust economy. The core appeal of the game lies in its player-driven politics and wars, making it one of the most fascinating spaces for virtual social interaction.

Faster Than Light: Strategy in the Stars

Faster Than Light (FTL) is a unique blend of real-time and turn-based strategies set in the recesses of outer space. Players navigate their ship, upgrade systems, manage the crew, and engage in combat with alien spacecraft. Despite its simple graphics, FTL offers an incredibly deep strategy experience with multiple replay possibilities thanks to its roguelike elements.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Galactic Domination

'Sins of a Solar Empire' combines real-time strategy gameplay with elements of 4X strategy games to offer epic-scale wars across star systems. The game tasks players with managing an empire, colonizing planets, managing resources, and taking down rivals. If you ever wanted to feel like the commander of a sprawling, interstellar civilization, this game delivers with aplomb.

Sins of a Solar Empire game

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: Sci-Fi Adventure

'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' offers players a chance to explore the iconic galaxy far, far away in an action-adventure single-player format. Touring through the galaxy and discovering new worlds, all while slashing through enemies with a lightsaber, make it a fan-favorite space game. The game captivates players with its story, combat, exploration, and stunning visuals.

Astroneer: Space Sandbox

'Astroneer' focuses on traversing alien planets, survival, and creativity. As a sandbox adventure, it offers players the freedom to shape their surroundings, build custom spaceships, and explore the vast universe. With adorable chunky graphics and a particular emphasis on co-op multiplayer, it makes for a relaxed, fun space exploration game.

While only video-game simulations, these space exploration games offer a telescope into the vast, awe-inspiring universe. Whether managing complex economies across entire galaxies or simply surviving the brutally cold night on an alien planet, these games provide an exhilarating experience of traversing the cosmos from the comfort of your home.