Guide to Mastering the Mysteries of Embervale: A Novice's Journey in "Enshrouded"

  • 31-01-2024 |
  • Vivienne Lockhart

Embervale is a land gripped by the sinister fog known as the Shroud. As a newly anointed Flameborn, it falls upon you to awaken survivors and purge the malevolent haze obscuring your world in "Enshrouded," an immersive open-world survival RPG.

Understanding the Shroud and Its Influences

A pivotal narrative and gameplay element, the Shroud, poses constant threats as you traverse the landscape, with areas heavily shrouded in fog becoming perilous. The Shroud manifests in two variations: a navigable blue mist tempered by the might of your Flame Altar and the red, lethal mist which, until your Flame Altar is sufficiently empowered, will be near-impossible to withstand for any significant duration.

Harmonize with the Mysterious Veil

Venturing into the Shroud isn't just a necessity of survival but also a crucial part of your progress. Within the Shroud lie special resources vital for enhancements, and Elixir Wells grants access to Shroud Roots, which is essential for boosting your skills.

The Vitality of Exploration

A central storyline guides your mission across various regions, complementing your goal of empowering your Flame Altar and honing your equipment for increasing challenges. Ancient Spires and Obelisks reveal essential sites, including Shroud Roots and Flame Sanctums. However, it's the vigorous exploration of Embervale where Enshrouded truly opens up. Remaining watchful for notification boards and documents, including Lore Pages in the Shroud or at hostile encampments, can reveal richer knowledge of the world and unveil hidden points of interest necessary for furthering your journey.

Enshrouded Sanctuary

Create a Sanctuary

Constructing a stronghold offers advantages beyond repelling foes; it's a haven where you achieve the Rested status, with the comfort level of your abode directly amplifying the benefits received. Upgrading the Flame Altar not only lets you expand your base but increases your resilience within the Shroud's embrace.

The Art of Crafting

Beginning with a basic crafting skillset, your abilities will evolve to encompass a vast selection of recipes. Essential tools like axes and picks kickstart your crafting journey, while later on, a treasure trove of resources unlocks the potential to produce an arsenal, concoctions, and more indispensable items for survival.

The Skirmishes of Survival

Combat encounters range from skirmishes against small creatures and vermin to significant battles against formidable adversaries. Whether engaging at close quarters or from a distance, your fighting style is molded by your skill choices and weapon preferences.

Embark on Your Quest to Reclaim Embervale

As you forge onward, "Enshrouded" offers a world brimming with adventure and danger. Await the signal of your awakening, Flameborn, for Embervale yearns for its savior to unravel its secrets and restore harmony.

Enshrouded Quest

Embarking on an Epic Quest in "Enshrouded"

Prepare to invest countless hours unraveling the many wonders and dangers of Embervale in "Enshrouded." To set you on your journey, here are the activities we suggest for your first foray into this lush, mist-veiled realm.

1. Soaring to New Heights: Crafting a Glider

One of your initial goals should be to construct a Glider, which you can do after emerging from the Cinder Vaults and stepping into the plains. Overcoming the hostile creatures within allows you to gather Shroud Spores from your fallen opponents, a crucial component for the Glider. Upon their collection, the blueprint becomes instantly available.

To complete your Glider, seek out Shroud Wood from trees within the Shroud itself. Taking a brief detour from your second quest to build the Glider is recommended, granting you the advantage of flying across Embervale early on and monitoring your stamina carefully while you glide.

Pro Tip:

Enhance your aerial mobility by unlocking the Airborne Skill in the Assassin Skill Tree, cutting stamina use when gliding by a significant 30%.

2. Mastering Vertical Challenges with the Grappling Hook

Upon discovering the Blacksmith, you'll encounter Scavengers near the Ancient Vault's entryway. These foes carry Metal Scraps vital for crafting your Grappling Hook—be sure to scour the vicinity and fallen Scavengers for enough scraps to assemble this invaluable equipment without delay.

Exploration and questing become increasingly fluid with both the Grappling Hook and Glider at your fingertips, making them top-priority acquisitions.

Enshrouded game episode 1

3. Unleashing Magic: The Wand

For enthusiasts of ranged magic who prefer not to bother with ammunition management, the wand is your effortless solution. Simple to craft with minimal resources, the wand requires no ammo and offers spellcasting prowess on demand. Advancing through Embervale, keep an eye out for variant wands imbued with elemental powers to diversify your attack strategies.

4. Awakening Allies: The Survivors Search

Sprinkled throughout the Ancient Vaults of the Springlands, your initial zone, are five survivors ripe for awakening. Prioritize rousing them from their slumber to significantly polish your crafting arsenal with their distinct talents.

The Blacksmith leads the way, followed by the Hunter and Alchemist, guiding you eventually toward the Farmer and Carpenter. Fulfill quests for the latter two to successfully gather all five allies to your base. Ensure suitable conditions, such as adequate shelter, for them to join your cause.

Vital Craftspeople:

  • Blacksmith
  • Hunter
  • Alchemist
  • Farmer
  • Carpenter

Enshrouded Materials

5. Gathering Core Materials

Most early game recipes share a set of common materials. These include:

  • Wood Logs and Stone - Abundantly harvested with your axe and pickaxe, and are essential for constructing workshops for your allies and further refined resources. Ample storage of these basics is indispensable.
  • Plant Fiber - The backbone of numerous early crafts, like the Grapleg Hook and the Glider. Convert endless amounts of plant fiber into string on the go and hoard them by harvesting from the flora around you.
  • Metal Scraps - Not as readily available, you must conquer Scavengers in mines or camps for these. Once obtained, quickly set up your Blacksmith's kiln and forge, turning scraps into necessary sheets.
  • Inspect our Embervale map for precise enemy settlement locations.
  • Salt - Upon your first salt mine discovery, mine it exhaustively. It's a crucial component for backpack upgrades.
  • Sparks - Key for Flame Altar upgrades; these are collected at Flame Sanctums and Flame Shrines. Regularly revisit these sites for a steady supply.

6. Gear Up with the Blacksmith

With the Blacksmith among your awakened companions, you can begin outfitting your character with the finest early-game protections. Look into forging the Rising Fighter Set, which boosts both health and regeneration rates. While it's a level 8 gear set, you can start crafting it by level 3, providing you with a powerful armor choice to sustain you until you can access unique outfits or uncover hidden prized gear throughout Embervale.

Enshrouded Gear

7. Master Vital Combat Proficiencies

Rapidly leveling up from your adventurous exploits? Turn your attention to the Skill Tree. Amidst the golden skills at its core, here are five critical abilities to prioritize, totaling just 10 Skill Points:

  • Merciless Attack (2 Skill Points)
  • Power Parry (2 Skill Points)
  • Sneak Attack (3 Skill Points)
  • Enhanced damage for clandestine strikes (2 Skill Points)
  • Well Rested (1 Skill Point)

These selected skills will ensure you're bolstered after resting at your base, ready with two potent attack forms. A successful Power Parry will strengthen your Merciless Attack, creating a synergy with your shield's defensive capabilities. Similarly, your Sneak Attack's efficacy grows when combined with the boosted stealth damage.

With these foundational skills secured, chart a course through the skill branches that resonate with your character's class—Ranger, Mage, or Warrior. If you're uncertain about which path to take, consult guides on optimal early-game builds for direction.

8. Eradicate Shroud Roots and Purify Elixir Wells

Interact with Ancient Spires and study Obelisks to reveal Elixir Wells and Shroud Roots beyond those you find on your own. Each act of destruction earns you Skill Points, and facing off against any guardian bosses yields both valuable loot and a surge of experience.

Enshrouded Elixir

9. Acquiring The Wailing Blade

Seize the chance to wield a Legendary Weapon from the outset. While fortune may grant you a legendary arsenal upon vanquishing the Fell Thunderbrute at the initial Elixir Well, the Wailing Blade is a guaranteed spoil not to be missed.

Venture toward the Alchemist’s Ancient Vault but pause to acquire the Lore Page southward. This brief quest sets you toward the nearby Scavenger Stash. Within, an opulent chest conceals the Wailing Blade, a weapon of both combat and illumination, sparing you the need for torches during night travels or cave explorations.

10. Collect and Utilize Runes

To further enhance your gear at the Blacksmith, Hunter, or Alchemist, seek out runes—the core currency of equipment augmentation. The best early game source for acquiring runes is by confronting Shrouded adversaries and recycling any redundant weaponry. Rare finds yield an increased bounty of runes when repurposed.

11. Expand your Carrying Capacity

Aim to bypass smaller backpack enhancements, opting for a medium expansion at the first opportunity. More space equals more resources at your disposal for gathering, which is essential in a world so ripe for harvesting.

Enshrouded harvesting

12. Nourish for Stamina and Vigor

Adopt the routine of a hearty meal before embarking on expeditions, and always carry energizing snacks. Scour both land and foes for water to replenish your stamina. Hunting wildlife rewards you with nourishment, complementing your health gains from cooked meals.

Gather fruits and vegetables on your travels; each provides unique benefits. Early on, rely on Purple Berries to regenerate health, later incorporating Strawberries and power-boosting Hazelnuts into your dietary ensemble.

Crafting bandages combined with berries can result in a swift revitalization of your health, a tactic that remains invaluable until you amass a stash of healing potions.