Unveiling The Secrets: Capturing Shiny Morelull And Shiny Shiinotic In Pokemon GO

  • 11-11-2023 |
  • Vivienne Lockhart

Within the vibrant realm of Pokemon GO, the excitement never ceases, especially with the frequent inclusion of new, shiny variants during event sessions. As the anticipated Festival of Light 2023 event embarks upon us, we're introduced to the prospect of capturing Shiny Morelull and its evolution, Shiny Shiinotic, along with other rare Electric and Fire-type Shiny Pokemon. Let's explore how exactly to catch these exclusive Pokemon during this luminary event.

Hunting Shiny Morelull

Hunting Shiny Morelull

Shiny Morelull illuminates itself in various corners of your game. It can pop up as a wild spawn, encased within a 7 KM egg, or as an Incense encounter during the event.

Wild Spawn: Encountering Shiny Morelull

Although Morelull might be a common sight during this lively event, your chance of discovering the Shiny cosmopolitan is still being determined. Pokemon GO trainers can, however, increase their chances of finding the glittery catch by attracting as many Morelulls as possible. Use items like Pokemon GO Incense or Lure Modules to hike up the spawn rate in a particular area. Focus your search on areas experiencing sunny or cloudy weather, as Morelull thrives in these conditions. Integrating these methods can drive up Morelull's spawn rate significantly.

Hatcing Shiny Morelull from 7 KM Eggs

Eage hunt, you ask? The festivals gift trainers 7 KM eggs, promising a variety of shiny Pokemon. Within them lies a greater chance of unlocking your Shiny Morelull. So keep hatching those gifts you receive from your friends during the Festival of Light event, and you never know when you might crack open the shiny surprise.

Incense Spawn: Hooking Shiny Morelull

The Incense tool in Pokemon GO is known for its ability to increase the spawn rate of different Pokemon around you. During the event, when Incense is used, trainers can encounter Morelull and, with a sprinkle of luck, its shiny counterpart. Use incense strategically to maximize your chances of stumbling upon Shiny Morelull.

Paveway to Catch Shiny Shiinotic

Paveway to Catch Shiny Shiinotic

The shiny highway doesn't end at Morelull; it extends to its evolution, Shiny Shiinotic. Evolution can be challenging, though: You'll need to evolve a Shiny Morelull first. In return, it demands a humble offering of 50 Candies. Achieve this by maximizing Morelull catches, transferring them, or employing other convenient methods.

This Festival of Light 2023 event is a shiny beacon of hope to all Pokemon GO trainers, promising radiant encounters with Shiny Morelull and Shiny Shiinotic. So gather your Poke Balls, sharpen your strategic mind, and get ready to shine in this exciting event. Remember, perseverance is key, and success tastes that much sweeter after a good chase. Happy hunting, trainers!