Forza Motorsport Enhances PC Performance with Patch 5.0

  • 28-01-2024 |
  • Vivienne Lockhart

A significant update is on the horizon for Forza Motorsport, focusing on elevating the PC version's performance. Dubbed Update 5.0, this patch is set to enhance gameplay fluidity across all compatible devices, with a particular emphasis on PC improvements.

The team at Turn 10 Studios has dedicated efforts to minimize CPU usage irregularities and make better use of GPU capabilities. This is expected to lead to more stable frame rates, which is crucial for Forza Motorsport's high-speed racing environment. The update also addresses and resolves a variety of crashes that were previously triggered by the game's use of multiple rendering threads.

Among the changes enhancing the PC gaming experience, the following are noteworthy:

- Significant optimizations are hidden away beneath the game’s surface, promising to reduce the occurrence of CPU spikes while ensuring the GPU operates more effectively, resulting in a more consistent framerate.
- A solution to the frequent game crashes linked with multi-threaded rendering has been identified and implemented.
- A fix is in place for PCs with integrated GPUs that were unable to run the game in full-screen mode.
- Corrections were made to stabilize framerates that previously fluctuated after changing video settings.
- Enhancements to mouse navigation now allow the right mouse button to function as a means to backtrack through the game’s menus, similar to pressing the escape key or the 'B' button.
- An issue preventing players from seeing the benefits of lower quality settings on PC was addressed, ensuring performance improvements are now noticeable.
- Missing objects from reflections in Photo Mode and Forzavista have now been restored to full detail.
- At the startup, the game will now check for GPU compatibility with the D3D12 Enhanced Barrier feature, denoted by an error code AP205 if the feature is unsupported. The client will seek a compatible device and issue a message if a suitable graphics device cannot be found.

Turn 10 plans to deploy Update 5.0 sometime in February, though a specific date has yet to be disclosed.

Additionally, Update 5 continues to expand Forza Motorsport's virtual tracks with the addition of the iconic 20.8-kilometer Nordschleife. This circuit will be accessible in both single-player and online play across several game modes such as Career, Free Play, Rivals Time Attack, and more.

The developers are also focused on further improving the gaming experience, including:

- Implementing a 'Skip Practice' feature in the Career mode for better access and adding a save function after practice sessions, so players can return to a Featured Race at their convenience.
- Enhancements to the Livery Editor for a more refined experience, with features such as custom decal zoom, the option to paint brake calipers following upgrades, and a prompt to save designs upon exiting the editor.