If Helldivers 2 players want mechs, they need to liberate a planet riddled with Automatons first

  • 11-03-2024 |
  • Vivienne Lockhart

A few days ago, Arrowhead, the developers behind Helldivers 2, teased that new mechs were all set for action yet left players guessing on how to access them. In an intriguing turn for live service games, Arrowhead has now revealed that the key to unlocking these powerful mechs lies in the collective effort of the game's community. The mission? To free the planet Tien Kwan from oppression and, thus, secure the mechs for player use.

Through a post on their Xwitter platform, Arrowhead alerted players that the factories producing the mechs on Tien Kwan are under siege. Once inside the game, players are greeted with a new Major Order, a form of in-game quest, directing all Helldivers to prioritize a singular goal: eradicate the Automaton forces and liberate the mechs. The developers ingeniously noted that failure to liberate Tien Kwan by the deadline, approximately March 10, could result in a delay in the mech's availability.

The process of liberation itself demands players successfully complete missions on Tien Kwan, each victory inching the global liberation bar forward. Given the game boasts hundreds of thousands of active players, this collective effort can lead to significant progress. Observing the liberation bar's ascent in real-time adds a layer of community spirit and urgency to the operation.

Interestingly, despite the ongoing struggle to liberate Tien Kwan, some players have reported encounters with the elusive mechs. A particularly notable instance shared by a user named Ameer589 featured a serendipitous discovery of a mech, offering a moment of fun amidst the broader campaign.

The existence of these mechs prior to the event, alongside the fluctuating nature of the game world in response to community actions, points to Arrowhead's playful and dynamic approach to live service. It's a refreshing deviation from the structured schedule of seasonal updates seen in other games, suggesting that the pace and introduction of new features are directly influenced by the player community's efforts.

Moreover, Arrowhead has announced an upcoming Warbond, set to launch on March 14, which promises to introduce new armor, plasma, and lightning weapons, stun grenades, and more, further enriching the Helldivers 2 experience.

This unique blend of community-driven narrative progression and live-service dynamism not only engages players in a collective goal but also underlines the potential for interactive and evolving game worlds influenced by their very participants.