New Final Fantasy 7 Spin-off Chapter Explores Young Sephiroth's Origin Story

  • 03-10-2023 |
  • Vivienne Lockhart

We witnessed the advent of a new chapter in the Final Fantasy 7 mobile spin-off 'Ever Crisis' last Friday. The chapter brings fresh insight into the early life of one of gaming's most iconic villains, Sephiroth. The narrative reveals Sephiroth's upbringing, his ascension to power, and the truth about his lineage, sparking speculations about potential connections to the upcoming installment of the remake trilogy - 'Rebirth'.

The tale unfolds to reveal Sephiroth as the son of Shinra scientists Hojo and Lucrecia. Yet, a scene from the new trailer shows Sephiroth showing a picture of his 'mother', whom he refers to as 'Jenova', underscoring a more complex familial history. This backdrop forms the basis of Sephiroth's extraordinary powers and his alien origins.

Jenova, the alien entity often referred to as 'Calamity from the Skies', serves as the enigmatic catalyst for Sephiroth's power spike. Hojo covertly injected Jenova's cells into Lucrecia while she was pregnant, leading to Sephiroth's enhanced abilities. However, Sephiroth seems oblivious to his alien origination, attributing his powers to a seemingly unified entity that is his human mother and alien Jenova.

In the classic Final Fantasy 7, Sephiroth's past was primarily shrouded in mystery. Audiences knew that he was formerly a faithful SOLDIER similar to Cloud, but the specifics of his transformation into a villain were nebulous. The narrative does not delve deeper into Sephiroth's origins or the journey that led him to become the antagonist.

However, in recent developments, Square Enix is taking a fresh approach to Final Fantasy's lore in its remakes. The series seems more eager to explore Sephiroth's backstory, unraveling his origin and evolution. The introduction of the young Sephiroth chapter in the Ever Crisis mobile spinoff is a testament to this deep-dive approach. However, it remains to be seen if this intensive exploration of Sephiroth's history will extend its presence beyond the mobile platform.

In conclusion, these new developments and correlations in the Final Fantasy 7 series have kickstarted expected speculations and theories among ardent fans. The question as to whether Sephiroth will eventually discover his alien ancestry and confrontation with his father's deceptions might be answered in Rebirth is tantalizingly suspended. The game is set for release on February 29 next year, so fans won't have to wait too long to solve this intriguing puzzle.