Speculation Rises Regarding the Development of Red Dead Redemption 3

  • 04-09-2023 |
  • Nolan Gallagher

Recent online information suggests that Red Dead Redemption 3 may be in the pipeline. The first indication came from a Twitter post by a leaker dubbed MyTimeToShineH, who mentioned that a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy was under production. Typically, an unsourced statement wouldn't pique our interest; however, additional reports from The Business Standard suggest that Strauss Zelnik, the CEO of Take-Two, has alluded to a sequel or prequel.

Considering that Grand Theft Auto VI is likely to be released in the following year, it makes sense for Rockstar to plan ahead. Nevertheless, Red Dead Redemption 3 may not be coming out soon, and it might even be released for the next console generation.