Ubisoft Shifting Focus from Immortals Sequel Fenyx Rising to Assassin's Creed Red: A Fateful Decision?

  • 31-07-2023 |
  • Vivienne Lockhart

Reports are making the rounds that gaming giant Ubisoft has significantly altered its strategy, leading to the cancellation of the sequel of its popular game, Immortals Fenyx Rising. Allegedly, this decision has been made to place more emphasis on the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Red. This seismic shift in game development strategy could change the landscape and has generated extensive debate among gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

The word on the street, notably through VGC, is that Ubisoft shelved its plans for the sequel of Immortals Fenyx Rising due to constraints related to Intellectual Property (IP). Notably, the sequel was said to be somewhat steeped in the Hawaiian Polynesian culture, with Ubisoft planning originally on developing the IP into a franchise. However, Ubisoft released a company statement recently in relation to the cancellation of the highly anticipated title.

"As part of our global strategy, we are re-allocating some of the creative teams and resources of our Quebec studio to other projects yet to be announced. The experience and technology gained by these teams will serve as a gas pedal for the development of these key projects focused on our largest brands. We have nothing further to report at this time." Despite Ubisoft not specifying which “unannounced” projects they are referring to, the rumors are aflame that Ubisoft is steering its focus towards Assassin’s Creed Red.

Stephen Totilo, Axios' reporter, revealed that anonymous sources disclosed that Quebec, the studio responsible for Immortals Fenyx Rising, has been tasked with working on Assassin’s Creed Red. Totilo also hinted that Ubisoft has its future heavily invested in AC projects, with the “reallocation of resources” within the company referring to projects with codes “Red” and “Hexe.” While this course of action might boost the quality of Assassin's Creed Red, it is worth noting the considerable fanbase Immortals Fenyx Rising has amassed since its launch in 2020. Ubisoft, although tight-lipped about sales figures, did mention that the game's performance surpassed expectations.

In conclusion, as we look forward to the unveiling of Assassin's Creed Red, supposedly scheduled for 2024, the gaming community can only wonder what potential was lost with the cancellation of the Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel. Ubisoft’s decision signifies a significant turn of events, and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the end.