Valorant 8.09 Update: Brimstone Buffs and Essential Bug Fixes

  • 14-05-2024 |
  • Nolan Gallagher

Riot Games has just dropped Valorant's latest update, 8.09, and it brings some exciting changes to the table. As we inch closer to Episode 9, this patch focuses on enhancing one of the game's original agents, Brimstone, along with addressing some pesky bugs that have been affecting players' experiences. While the community awaits new maps and characters, this update ensures the current gameplay remains balanced and smooth.

The main highlight of update 8.09 is the buff to Brimstone, a cornerstone agent in Valorant. His Sky Smoke ability has received a significant tweak. The smoke radius has been slightly increased from 410 to 415, ensuring it fully covers the intended area. This update aligns Brimstone's abilities more closely with agents like Omen, providing a more consistent and reliable gameplay experience for those who favor him.

Alongside the agent updates, Riot Games has tackled several gameplay issues. One notable fix addresses the loss of crosshair profiles, a frustrating bug for many players. Although lost settings can't be recovered, the swift resolution has been well-received. Additionally, the update corrects inaccuracies in the Killed By feed on Combat Reports and resolves problems with bullet tracers and client freezes, making the overall gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

But that's not all. Riot Games has teased some exciting future content, including a new map set to be revealed at the VCT Masters Shanghai tournament. Additionally, leaks hint at a new playable agent currently in development, potentially arriving with Episode 9. These forthcoming additions promise to bring fresh strategies and dynamics to the game, keeping the player base engaged and eager for more.

In summary, while we wait for the thrilling new content on the horizon, Valorant's 8.09 update ensures that the present gameplay remains robust and enjoyable. With buffs to Brimstone and critical bug fixes, players can expect a more polished experience. Stay tuned for upcoming updates and get ready for the excitement of Episode 9. In the meantime, enjoy your gaming adventures!