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Poppy Playtime is a first-person horror game set in an abandoned toy factory. The game involves an unnamed protagonist investigating a mystery in an abandoned toy factory. 


The gameplay of the Indie Poppy Playtime is intense and unique - you must explore an abandoned factory from the first-person perspective, solve puzzles, and find out what happened to the people who used to work there. The factory is full of clues, from old posters and dolls to toy trains and security devices, and the player must use these clues to figure out the game's puzzles. The game's atmosphere is eerie and immersive, with a great sound design that makes it even more creepy. If you're looking for a horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, this is the one for you.


The graphics in this game are very immersive. I would recommend putting on your headphones, as some of the audio is recorded on old tapes and can be difficult to understand. You'll find old VCR tapes throughout the game that provide instructions on how to use the GrabPack, a tool for reaching things from afar or hacking electrical circuits.


Once you play the game, there's not much reason to come back. It's a one-time experience with no replay value. You might as well pay attention the first time through because there are no procedural level generation or random elements. The lack of a save feature makes it more challenging, but it also means you have to start from the beginning if you die. The game is on the shorter side, and most computers should be able to handle it. There are more episodes planned for the future, so hopefully, they will have better specs.


Poppy Playtime is a great game that deserves attention. Fans of horror games will especially like it. Children can also play this game, which is an advantage.


  • The graphics are top-notch
  • The story is intriguing
  • It's a slow burn, revealing more and more as you play
  • The sound design is fantastic


  • The game is only two hours long
  • Once you beat it, there's not much reason to go back
  • You need a PlayStation 4/5 or Xbox One and Series S/X to get the full experience


Poppy Playtime Poppy Playtime

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