SimCity BuildIt
SimCity BuildIt SimCity BuildIt

"Simcity BuildIt" is a mobile app developed by the company Electronic Arts. This app is a mobile version of the popular game Simcity. The goal of the game is to build and make a city grow. The player has to manage its people and their daily lives, transport, education, and other things.


The player has to build and manage its people and their daily lives. The player has to take care of the transport, education, and other things. To build new buildings, the player has to buy land plots and place the buildings on them. The player has to grow the city by popping bubbles that represent people. To do so, the player has to tap on the bubbles. The game is free but there are in-application purchases. In Simcity BuildIt, you are the mayor of a city. You are in charge of building the city, taking care of the people, and making sure that it runs properly. To do this, you can construct different buildings around the city, such as schools, malls, and factories. You can also collect different resources, such as wood, iron, and coal, to make buildings and other products. You also have to deal with disasters, such as fires and earthquakes. If the city is not going well, you can always use the bulldozer to tear down areas of the city to redo them. You can also trade with other cities in the game by making deals.


The graphics are not outstanding, but they are definitely beautiful. They are cartoon-like and bright. The graphics are very simplistic in Simcity BuildIt. The buildings are not detailed and are very simple. They are all the same color, and it is hard to tell them apart. The trees are also just green dots on the screen. There is no detail in the graphics. The city looks like a painted backdrop that you are playing behind.


The game can be played without an internet connection.


Simcity BuildIt is a very well-designed game. It is very easy to learn, and it is very easy to play. However, the game is not very challenging. I give this game a 9/10.

"SimCity BuildIt" has been positively received. "The Guardian" called it a "cute, accessible city builder". "Metro News" called it "a very simple and forgiving city-builder that's very accessible and easy to pick up and play". "Gamezebo" gave it 4 out of 5 stars, saying "SimCity BuildIt is a great mobile take on the city-building genre, and a fantastic addition to the growing library of quality games on mobiles." "TouchArcade" gave it 4 out of 5 stars as well, saying "SimCity BuildIt is the type of game I can play in short bursts and be entertained, but also play for extended periods without getting bored."


  • The game is fun and has a pleasant design
  • The game is free
  • The game can be played offline
  • The game has simple and intuitive controls
  • The game is easy to learn
  • The game is a nice time killer
  • The game has a forgiving system in case the player doesn't manage to grow the city enough


  • The game is not challenging
  • The game is not very long
  • The game is not very difficult

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