Words of Wonders: Crossword review

Words of Wonders: Crossword

Words of Wonders is an iOS word game developed by the company, Brainwave Games. The game features a word search in which players must find letters in order to spell words. Players are given hints and can use backtracking to find their way to the letters. The game also features a daily challenge, puzzles, and an adventure mode.

Words of Wonders is a highly competitive word game where you play against the computer and try to create as many words as possible from a list of letters to earn points and coins.


The gameplay is pretty simple. You are given a board with letters that you can use to create words. You need to find as many words as possible from the letters. For each word you create, you earn points and coins. You can also use power-ups to help you find more words and win the game faster.


The graphics are really beautiful. The background is always changing and the colors are really pleasant to the eye.

Information about replayability of Words of Wonders

Replayability is high. You can always keep playing the game to try to beat the high score, and you can also try to win the game without using power-ups.


Words of Wonders is a great word game that will keep you engaged for hours! I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys word games.


  • The gameplay is simple and enjoyable
  • The graphics are really beautiful
  • The game is highly competitive
  • The replayability is high
  • The game has a helpful tutorial
  • The game is free


  • You cannot play offline
  • The game is highly competitive
  • The graphics are not realistic


Words of Wonders: Crossword Words of Wonders: Crossword

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